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 Kelsey Hutton

Kelsey Hutton


Kelsey is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and Performance Nutritionist, who has a passion for assisting motivated individuals and athletes to understand the important role nutrition can play in their health, performance and recovery. Her nutritional approach is realistic, focuses on wholefoods and emphasises the importance of enjoying food whilst fuelling the body. She believes in the value of educating and empowering athletes and motivated individuals to make autonomous food choices that will help them to reach their goals. Along with being the practicing Sports Dietitian at Precision Athletica, Kelsey is also the assistant dietitian at the NSW Waratahs (Rugby Union) and head of the nutrition program for the Women’s South Sydney Rabbitohs (Rugby League) team. Immersed in high-performance sport and through consultation, Kelsey is able to provide outstanding in-depth dietary analysis, individualised advice and personalised nutrition education. Kelsey has a thorough understanding of the important role nutrition has in performance and recovery, understanding how a sportspersons nutritional intake can improve their performance and wellbeing, and is available for individual consultations every week at Precision Athletica. View details »

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