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 Stephanie Hage

Stephanie Hage

Sports Dietitian;

Stephanie has had a strong passion for fitness and nutrition from an early age, being heavily influenced by the healthy habits her family exposed her to. She was actively involved with swimming, dancing, gymnastics and karate until leaving high school, and then took an interest in competitive powerlifting after joining her local gym. Through experimenting with her own diet to improve performance outcomes, Stephanie saw the value in using diet and supplementation strategies to achieve her own strength goals. Since graduating, she has worked with a variety of athletes to assist them in achieving their own performance, body composition and rehabilitation goals. Stephanie’s goal in practicing as a dietitian is to assist athletes in achieving their own goals through optimal diet, supplementation and recovery strategies. She also aims to encourage people to adopt healthy habits as a part of their lifestyle, and base this on the principle of moderation and not deprivation View details »

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