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 Jessica Phan

Jessica Phan


"Hi my name is Jessica and I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. My parents are both from Vietnam, but like many families at the time - they moved countries for a better life. So I've been lucky to have grown up with three siblings of close age who also understand the value of hard work. Choosing a career that fit my lifestyle was important to me. I have always enjoyed running around and playing sports, particularly hockey and soccer. I also enjoy hikes, traveling and am always open to trying new things! I completed my Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto before I moved to Sydney in 2016 to complete my Master of Physiotherapy. During this time, I volunteered with the Auburn Youth Program and helped organise basketball, soccer and Brazilian jiu-jitsu for kids after school. I have also volunteered with Royal Rehab where I had the opportunity to work with Physiotherapists treating patients with neurological and post-surgical conditions. I joined the Precision family in early 2018. You'll quickly learn how warm and welcoming (and funny) everyone is here. Sometimes our music tastes clash, but we'll do our best to find something you can enjoy while doing exercises!" View details »

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